Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Cavs, after almost giving up an 18 point lead to the Atlanta Hawks, held on and won Game 1 (104-93) of this series in the playoffs. Cleveland was up 72-54 midway through the game until a big boost for the Hawks came in. Dennis Schroder came in for the Hawks and made 5 of his first 7 attempts and gave Atlanta that little boost they needed to try to come back. Atlanta took their first lead of the game after Schroder came in, so he obviously played a pretty big role in their offense that night. After they took the lead, the Cavs stepped it up on defense and played the way they should've the whole game. Atlanta then struggled to score like they have been after the Cavs played some pretty hard defense. The Hawks ended up losing this first game in what could possibly be a shutout. If the Cavs want to win this series they will have to play defense like they did at the end of Game 1. If Atlanta wants to win this series they will have to look to be more aggressive and score willingly. The Cavs have been playing pretty well in the playoffs so far, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they easily win this series. It should be a tight series though, since Atlanta doesn't give up pretty easy.